Literacy Ministry

We couldn't read!

Over 1 billion adults in the world cannot read and write, so life is especially difficult. 
They are: 
  •  Unable to read important documents 
  •  Unable to communicate through text or writing 
  •  Unable to read prescriptions Unable to improve   their quality of life 
  •  Unable to read the Bible 
 Often poor and more susceptible to disease.                                                                                                    
Whether in North America where illiteracy rates are about 20% or a tribal group in Ethiopia where illiteracy rates are 95%, illiteracy has a detrimental effect on the lives of non-readers. 

There is hope!

They are learning to read! Adults and children are learning: 
  •  Using Bible-content literacy materials (primers) developed in partnership with Literacy & Evangelism and local groups. We have English literacy materials (Firm Foundations) and local language primers in 270 languages and growing. 
  •  Learning from teachers trained by Literacy &   Evangelism trained trainers                                             
All over the world, in just a few months, adults and children are learning to read and write, and this transforms their lives and communities. A new reader is confident and engages his or her community in a positive way, can read the Bible and grow deeper in his or her faith.

What is your role in transforming the lives and communities of non-readers?

  • Tutor: teach a class or individual how to read and write (in English or another language) in your town or via video chat. 
  • Trainer: train volunteers to teach literacy by taking our International Literacy Training 
  • Primer Consultant: develop new primers and literacy materials 
  • Donate so that the work of Literacy & Evangelism can continue.
  • Volunteer
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