English Ministry

Conversational English  (English as a Second Language)

We Couldn't speak English!

Whether immigrants to Canada or living in another country where English is needed, without English life is limited. 
A non-English speaker is: 
  • Unable to navigate around town 
  • Unable to converse with their children’s teachers 
  • Unable to build relationships with others in the area  
Conversational English involves learning to speak, read, and write English with a focus on conversation.
We learned to speak English!   
Adults and children are learning to speak English.  From a couple living in Montreal and needing English for job opportunities to prisoners in Uganda learning English, one of the national languages of Uganda., learning English is acheived:
  • Using Literacy & Evangelism easy to use Conversational English curriculum
  • From volunteer teachers trained by Literacy & Evangelism trained trainers.

What can You do to help people learn English?

  • Join LEI as a Missionary or Volunteer 
  • Donate: so that the work of Literacy & Evangelism can continue.
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