Curriculum Development

One of the foundations of the Literacy & Evangelism ministry is our Bible-content primers (beginning literacy lessons) for adults. These primers are developed in partnership with a local church or mission group in a given language area. Literacy & Evangelism trained consultants assist local language speakers to write the lessons for their 2 (or 3) book literacy series. 
Literacy & Evangelism primers: 
  •  are Culture Specific 
  •  are Phonetic based and include natural sounding stories
  •  are Written by local language speakers
  •  are Designed for the adult non-reader
  •  are Designed for the volunteer tutor
  •  Contain Bible-content (including a scripture reference in each lesson, introducing the name Jesus or some Bible-content in stories  starting in   Lesson 12 and conclude with 36 easy to read Bible Stories)
  •  Include simple health and farming lessons (to help with development topics)

Literacy & Evangelism International (USA and global partners) has developed literacy primers in over 270 languages. 
A list of the available languages and pdf samples can be found here.

                                            Filmed during a Primer Construction workshop in Sierra Leone, this video gives a wonderful 
                                                          behind-the-scenes look at what goes into the making of Adult Literacy Primers.

                                                                     Below are some excerpts from the Gurune language Primer from Ghana.

Gurune - Lesson 1

Gurune - Lesson 12

Introducing Jesus

Gurune - Lesson 35

Good Water

Gurune - Lesson 49

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