Malawi and Mozambique
Literacy & Evangelism Malawi

Literacy and Evangelism (L&E) Malawi reaches out to the non-readers in Malawi and Mozambique.   Maxwell Mpitanyanga, the Director of L&E Malawi, has served since 2005.   He helped develop the Sena language literacy primer and has attended the 5-week literacy training in Tulsa, Oklahoma.   Maxwell lives in Lilongwe with his wife and 5 children. 

Maxwell oversees literacy projects in the Sena, Chichewa, and Lambya languages among others.   Financial gifts help to support Maxwell in his ministry with Literacy and Evangelism.   We also sponsor start-up kits for literacy classes which include a chalkboard, chalk, duster, 5 sets of primers and teaching c orharts.   We also help L&E Malawi develop literacy materials in additional languages as requested.   

L&E Malawi is a member nation partner.  

To Support Literacy & Evangelism Malawi,  Maxwell Mpitanyanga,  or Sponsor a Literacy Class Start-up Kit you may donate via PayPal or Canada Helps below,  or call us for more options. 
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