Winning Souls to Christ and Equipping the Church....

The vision for Literacy & Evangelism International was born out of the Korean mission experience of Dr. Bob Rice. While studying literacy, Dr. Rice was influenced and mentored by Frank Labauch, a pioneer in literacy mission work. Labauch endorsed Dr. Rice’s vision, stating, “The Literacy and Evangelism program is closer to the heart of God than any other…because (it can) win souls to Christ.” 

Rev. Rice founded Literacy & Evangelism International in 1967 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A. and for 50 years, LEI’s unique methodology has been adapted into primers in more than 270 languages around the world. The vision of LEI has influenced the development of literacy organizations spanning the globe. 
 - Literacy & Evangelism International Canada 
 - Alfabetização e Evangelização Internacional (AEI Brazil) 
 - Partners in Literacy Ministry (PALM Kenya) 
 - Global Literacy Ministry (GLM South Korea) 
 - Literacy & Evangelism Ghana (L&E Ghana) 

In Canada....

Rev. Carey Jo Johnston has been with LEI since 1990, having worked and travelled extensively with Dr Bob Rice and due to her expertise in Primer Construction, is L.E.I.'s Materials Development Director. 

Upon moving to Canada with her husband in 2004, it seemed natural to Rev. Johnston to expand the work of LEI into Canada. - thus Literacy & Evangelism International - Canada was born. 

We became a registered charity November 1, 2008 and became a Member Nation partner with Literacy & Evangelism International (USA) in 2016. Here in Canada we equip churches and missions to share the message of Jesus Christ as we lead Tutor Training Workshops in both Adult Literacy and English Language Ministries. We also assist in international projects, trainings, and primer construction as requested.  
Video below:  The Beginning of a Legacy
The Origins of Literacy & Evangelism International (U.S.A.)
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